A Revised Income Statement for Google


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The beginning:
A Revised Income Statement for Google
The name and nature of the organization
Google.com was cofounded by Larry Page and Sergey
. The name is derived from a mathematical term for 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google then is a representation of the massive volume of information that exists in the world. The mission of Google is to organize this vast information and make it accessible and useful to Internet users.
When visiting www.google.com there are more than 150 other domains of Google that allows you to find information in a multitude of languages and do things from looking up a person’s address to grocery shopping to checking stock quotes to checking sports scores. Google users are also able to find graphics, videos maps and so more....
The end:
.....ng. Attention and trust for Google are sacrosanct (Hammond, 2003).
Google understands that the Internet has limitless capacity. In order to sustain its growth Google must finance engineering efforts to produce new technologies so that they do not get eaten my competitors (Hammond, 2003).
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