A Review of Two Criminal Case Studies


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The beginning:
A Review of Two Criminal Case Studies
Case 1: the case of Bill (with a look at the criminal liability of each person with discussion of
Charges that might be laid. Bill is guilty of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death – and assault causing death; after all, Bill did lay hands upon Mike and did throw him to the.
The cab-driver is plainly guilty of criminal negligence, too, because he should have known that cleaning a hunting rifle that happens to have shells in it, whilst in a bustling environment, is a prescription for tragedy. Both Bill and the cab driver are guilty of criminal negligence under section 219(1) of the Canadian Criminal Code (
, 2009).
Persons against whom charges may be laid....
The end:
..... his own negligence and did nothing to help the child; and
likewise created a difficult situation by not dealing with the holes (he was not present when Tim drowned, of course).
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