A Review of “There Are No Children Here”


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The beginning:
A Review of "There Are No Children Here"
The following paper discusses the effect of gangs on the Henry Horner homes, particularly as it pertains to the children. The paper notes how gangs bring violence, hopelessness, constant fear, and rob children of their youthful innocence and optimism. At the same time, gangs create a world in which economic opportunity flees and a world in which the future starts to look just as bleak as the present and recent past. The next few pages will emphasize how the book penned by Alex
is a classic tale of how gangs, in declining communities, take command of the structure of the local society and become the de facto authorities.
The first thing that must be said is that children in the Horner homes...
The end:
.....t you any time they want to – and they will come even for the children.
Overall, the book is a vivid and readable account of the daily horrors faced by children in many American inner cities where the gangs are the judge, jury and executioner for far too many. The gangs run places like Henry Horner, and the children of the local community see this around them and, predictably, either fall prey to that violence or become gang members themselves – if not because they want to, but because they feel they must to have any measure of security. The beauty of the book is that it brings vividness and immediacy to a subject that a lot of people would rather ignore.
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