A Review of “The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell”


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A Review of "The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell"
This paper is a critical book review which summarizes the text outlining the leadership secrets of Colin Powell – a book penned by Oren Harari. As noted, the paper summarizes the text and outlines the main point or thesis of the text. The paper then discusses the evidence used by the author to support the thesis of the text. Additionally, the paper explores the author’s viewpoint and the purpose of the book. From there, the paper evaluates the evidence pushed forward by the author and resolves whether the book may be described as interesting or uninteresting. Lastly, the book is compared to other books the writer has read and ends with a brief evaluation. In the final analysis, Harari...
The end:
..... that are not markedly different from the sort of sage advice one might receive from parents or from a wise mentor. Consequently, the book is very attractive.
In the final analysis, the text is commendable at outlining what good leadership is all about; one cannot read the text without coming away with a sense that anyone who wants to lead a company, business, school or project team to success will do well to read what Harari has put down on paper. Most of all, because the book is lucid and well-organized, it is easy to find those passages that are especially pertinent for the reader’s own personal circumstances. All in all, it is an excellent book.
Harari, O. (2002). The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell. New York: McGraw-Hill.