A Review of Nursing Journal Articles Regarding Preeclampsia


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A Review of Nursing Journal Articles Regarding Preeclampsia
This paper will review eight scholarly, peer-reviewed nursing journal articles regarding the medical condition, preeclampsia. Each summary may include the following: synthesizing the information, combining new and old information and how the information impacts preeclampsia. The summary will include trends that were identified, what theories were covered and what solutions were identified.
Derbyshire (2008)
This article presents an important step in the control of pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy-related issues because it finds a statistically significant correlation between the weight of the pregnant mother and likelihood to develop gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and other...
The end:
.....). Implications of high maternal weight during pregnancy. Nursing Standard, 22(49), 42-46.
Founds, S.A., Dorman, J.S., & Conley, Y.P. (2008). Microarray technology applied to the complex disorder of preeclampsia. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing, 37(2), 146-157.
Lynch, E. (2007). Why size matters. Nursing Standard, 21(18), 22-24.
Peters, R.M. (2008). High blood pressure in pregnancy. Nursing for Women’s Health, 12(5), 410-422.
Ruddle, T. (2006). Being on the other side: A mother’s experience of intensive care. Pediatric Nursing, 18(4), 27-29.
Yeo, S. (2010). Prenatal stretching exercise and autonomic responses: Preliminary data and a model for reducing preeclampsia. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 42(2), 113-121.