A Review in Ben Mezrich’s “Accidental Millionaires”


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A Review in Ben Mezrich's "Accidental Millionaires"
Accidental Billionaires is a book written by Ben Mezrich, the book was about how a young Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school to pursue his computer related fantasies which eventually made him super rich-a billionaire. The genre of this book is a non fictional narrative of Mark Zuckerberg, who is a highly but ruthless business man who did all kinds of things along his way to achieving wealth and fame. He enrolled in Hazard but soon realized that he does not belong in the world of academia. Mark eventually lost interest and moved to northern California in search of wealth. His passion was high on tech and computers; you might refer to him as a computer geek.
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.....s to get on his account of the history of facebook.In the final analysis, the history of Facebook should be written by facebook founders and stakeholders.
The Accidental Billionaire book is an entertaining and interesting book to read; nevertheless it is not and should not be seen or regarded as a replacement of the Facebook story. To some degree the book reads more like a creative fiction than a narrative non fiction which the book is. The popularity of the book is derived from two factors; one is that such book was written by a well known and established writer in the name of Ben Mezrich. The second point for the book’s popularity is derived from the fact that the book is about Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking website.