A Response to “A Child Called ‘It’” by David Pelzer


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The beginning:
A Response to "A Child Called ‘It’" by David Pelzer
Introduction – a)
b) David Pelzer, the author of A Child Called ‘It’, overcame his dark past to mature into one of America’s leading motivational speakers against child abuse. He has won many awards, including California Volunteer of the Year and the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award in 1994. In 1979 he joined the American Air Force and has written many books, including The Lost Boy, and A Man Named Dave. He lives on a ranch in California with his wife and son, Stephen.
c) Before reading this book, I was expecting a self-help book that would use Pelzer’s own experience as a backdrop to talk about child abuse. I knew the book was an international bestseller and an important...
The end:
.....her can have on a child’s life.
f) Next I want to read Pelzer’s sequels to this book so that I can see what happens to children after they are removed from their abusive situation.
g) I think this is a great book, although it is very difficult to read and not at all what I expected. I did not expect it to be so graphic and personal. It does include information on organizations for child abuse near the end, but most of the book was a vivid description of his brutal abuse. It exceeded my expectations and I will not be able to forget about Pelzer’s plight, which is a positive thing as it will impact educators, parents, and caring citizens all around the world.
Pelzer, D. (1995). A Child Called ‘It’. Omaha: Health
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