A Report on the Egyptian NGO Called Tadamon (Solidarity)


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A Report on the Egyptian NGO Called Tadamon (Solidarity)
This paper will provide a report on the Egyptian NGO called Tadamon (solidarity). Tadamon defines itself on its Facebook page in the following way “Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council is an independent, non-political civil society network working to promote the welfare of marginalized refugees and their mutual co-existence with Egyptians through networking and coordination of cooperative efforts.”(www.tadamoncouncil.org) This mission manifests in a variety of ways which is largely based on Tadamon serving as a nexus for organizations to reach out to the refugee community attempting to eek out a life in Egypt. This paper will show Tadamon, as an organization, provides...
The end:
.....opulation. However, more development of the mission statement is needed in order for them to accomplish their objectives.
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