A Reflection on a Personal Fast


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A Reflection on a Personal Fast
The process of committing to a spiritual retreat and a fast has proved to be both a great awakening for me spiritually and emotionally, and also has helped me view my relationship with God in a different light. The Bible called for Jesus’ disciples to fast as a way to be more disciplined in spiritual life (Foster, 1998, p. 4). The reason is that fasting, as well as journaling and spending time with the Bible allows for the inner space and freedom to grow in my relationship with God and bring my “inner heart” (Foster, 1998, p. 4) into that practice. I realize now that this is necessary to strengthen my relationship with God and, for this reason, I will now incorporate this into my week. This...
The end:
.....can do better to manage time and devoting a day to scripture every week, or as often as I can, is time best spent. There is nothing more valuable time-wise that I can think of.
Through fasting, I can see the two main benefits as becoming greater in relationship with God and using the fast as a way to look at life and the time I spend in life in a different perspective. It was a good exercise and one that I look forward to doing, only because my relationship and love for God will only get stronger as I fast on a regular basis.
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