A Quote in Berwin’s “Hothouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire”


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A Quote in Berwin's "Hothouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire"
“He didn’t bring me here. He left New York without me and made me find this place all by myself. He made me travel through the dark jungle. There’s a difference, you know.” (Berwin 142).
In this quote, the theme of independence is vital to Lila’s own liberation from the often sterile and isolated life that followed her divorce. For Lila, the emotional timidity of her past life has left her, as she has become more acutely involved in Armand’s quest to replace the stolen flowers. By initially denying his request to go down with to Mexico to find the flowers in the jungle, she had denied herself the ability to correct the wrong she had done Armand and his wife. Lila,...
The end:
..... grown accustomed to in life. Before this quote, Kody is constantly trying to sublimate Lila’s decisions through his own insular and conservative ways. However, Lila is able to sift through Kody’s warning and make a decision for herself about the risk factor involved in visiting Armand. Of course, she also has superficial racial fears about her “safety” when she plans to visit Armand, but she has the intelligence and intuition to know that these are merely fears, not fact. This one way in which this quote defines Lila’s break with her normal way of life, so that she can correct a situation that she has created through her own ignorance.
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