A Psychological Analysis of Repressed Memories in Freud’s “Gothika”


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A Psychological Analysis of Repressed Memories in Freud’s "Gothika"
This psychological analysis will define the important aspects of Sigmund Freud’s repressed memories in the film Gothika (2003). The main character, Dr. Miranda Grey (Halle Berry), symbolically takes on the ghost of a woman that was a victim of a murder. This form of repressed memory involves the murder of her husband, Douglas (Charles S. Dutton), which has made her a prime suspect. After waking up in the hospital, the plot follows her regaining of certain memories, which eventually definer the killer as her husband’s friend, Sheriff Ryan (John Carroll Lynch). In essence, he lack of memory of Dr. Grey’s circumstances define the traumatic experience of discovering...
The end:
.....rch the origins of her trauma, which is found through the realization her husband is a serial rapist and killer. After liberating herself from these repressed horrors in her mind, she can then fend off Sheriff Ryan, the real murderer. By understanding the psychoanalytical process in which Miranda acknowledged her trauma, Freud’s theory provides insight into the way that memory can be blocked and eventually liberated due to the severe instances represented in this film.
Gothika. (2003). Dir. Mathieu Kassovitz. Perfs. Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr., Charles S. Dutton. USA; Warner Bros.
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