A Psychoanalytical Criticism of David Auburn’s “Proof” (2000)


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The beginning:
A Psychoanalytical Criticism of David Auburn’s “Proof” (2000)
This paper is a psychoanalytical criticism of David Auburn’s 2001 film, “Proof.” The essay will begin by briefly defining what psychoanalysis is and will then offer Freud’s interpretation of dreams – largely because psychoanalysis appears to be of the mind-set that people rarely voluntarily offer their innermost feelings but, instead, have those feelings seep out unconsciously (and usually when their guard is down). The essay will then offer a broad overview of David Auburn’s 2000 play (at it appeared in 2005 on the screen) and will note that the story is really about a woman who is terrified at the prospect of becoming psychologically deranged like her father; she also becomes...
The end:
..... achieve the notoriety they believe they deserve.
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