A Poetic Analysis in Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Fish”


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A Poetic Analysis in Elizabeth Bishop's “The Fish”
Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, “The Fish” represents a poem that has a great deal of thematic content that can be analyzed. This paper will analyze the themes in the poem in detail, after a brief analysis of the other elements in the poem, including imagery, persona, meter, rhyme and form. The thesis of this paper is that while the poem is about a person who catches a fish -- probably the author since it is written in the first person so we can assume that it is she who represents the persona in the poem -- the actual thematic matter is a lot more complicated because the poem represents one woman’s journey from catching a fish to actually growing to respect this fish, or as she...
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.....ts of the poem is that it is written in 1946, so it was a simpler time in the world and it was during the second world war. This provides some insight on what the “little rented boat” (67) looked like. It was not a modern fishing boat but it was an old
As far as what “The Fish” means in the greater context of literature -- the evaluation of it -- the poem represents something fictional, but it says something very significant about real life and the relationship human beings have toward nature and our ability to go from being the enemy of nature to appreciating nature in all its glory.
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