A Plan for an Invention


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A Plan for an Invention
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A Plan for an Invention
Human civilization has been characterized to a certain extent by development which has occurred on the wings of inventions. Whether it was the first genesis of fire, the formation of the wheel, or the creation of the telephone, inventions have been at the very heart of change in society. However, one commonality with almost every brilliant invention ever conceived of is that there are objective hurdles which have to be traversed in order for the invention to proliferate. Often, these hurdles prove to be significant enough to delay, diminish, or even outright eliminate the invention from ever becoming part of the marketplace. This perspective on...
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.....e product to market is going to take a lot of market analysis. The more that this aspect of the endeavor can be understood by the inventor, the better chances the project would have in coming to fruition. The inventor essentially holds the idea of the product in her hands and understanding how the product will be sold closes the gap between the supply and demand sides of the equation.
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