A Philosophical Argument for the Existence and Non-Existence of God


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The beginning:
A Philosophical Argument for the Existence and Non-Existence of God
An Argument for the Existence of God in the Philosophy of Rene Descartes and Albert Einstein
This study will analyze the existence of God in the philosophy of Albert Einstein and Descartes when describing the link between the mind and the human rationale in religious thought. Descartes makes a strong argument for he presence of God as a force behind the substance of mind, revealing a link that he feels s logical in describing divine forces that work within human nature. Also under this pretext, the renowned scientist Albert Einstein also finds a link with the divine and the rational in his 20th century theories on the mind and its relationship with a higher power in the...
The end:
..... sensory perception. In this manner, God’s non-existence has been proven through the 20th philosophical views of Sigmund Freud and Bertrand Russell.
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