A Personal Statement on the Importance of Education


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A Personal Statement on the Importance of Education
A sound educational system establishes the foundation for any society. If the stakeholders within a society invest time, energy and dollars into the educational system, they greatly increase the likelihood that the children raised will go on to success, which in turn, ensures that the country will continue to grow and prosper. There are several central elements that I believe should be an emphasis within any educational framework. These include:
Education should strive to be transformational
An unwavering commitment to access and inclusion
An unwavering commitment to diversity and multiculturalism
An emphasis on a liberal arts studies
A focus on the student learner
Promote critical...
The end:
.....ess as the elected will skew towards only those with money and a powerful propaganda machine. Institutions of higher learning inculcate incoming students with a desire to learn and understanding that anything is possible should one set their mind to it. College attendance has become a foundational cornerstone of this country. Not only can it foster critical thinking skills, creativity, and intellectual values, but it also provides a place where students can go to broaden their horizons and become better, more well-rounded individuals, who upon graduation, are ready to enter society and make a difference.
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