A Persian Jewish Student’s Entrance Essay for History Major


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A Persian Jewish Student's Entrance Essay for History Major
The most important reason why I am choosing to pursue a history major involves the legacy of my family within Iranian culture. Persian culture is much more diverse than many people would think of a Jewish family having lived there for many generations. In the media, one often hears of the anti-Israeli sentiment (and vice versa) that occurs between these two nations, but it there is a deeper historical complexity about Jewish/Persian identity. History has been a prominent way in which I interpret the world, especially through the stories that I have learned from my parents and my grandparents about the Iranian revolution and the Shah. Of course, my parents were friends with many...
The end:
.....nts and telling them of sincere desire to pursue history, they began to understand that I could never be successful at something if I was not one hundred percent committed. By making a singular and intensive focus on history, I could now achieve the goals in life that I so desire. I learned a great deal about the importance of fulfilling one’s passion in life, as no one can make a good financial living by only being committed halfway. This is one way in which I convinced my parents that if they were concerned about my financial and ideological career path, I would, most logically, make the most money doing something that I loved. Since this driving passion was history, I am now fully committed to this major as my primary course of education