A Nursing Care Plan


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A Nursing Care Plan
This is a nursing care plan that defines the target audience and their learning needs, states how the selected topic which is Nutrition I the elderly important to the target audience, the nursing diagnosis but associated nursing diagnosis. Outcome identification, behavioural objectives for the patient, planning, plan presentation of the content and evaluation methods will all be discussed here.
While most nursing care plans will be targeted at a specific segment of the audience a topic like “nutrition” can be targeted at many different nurses, as well as any individuals in general. However because this topic pertains to nutrition in the elderly, targeting this...
The end:
.....at he necessary targets are being met and that the patient is making progress as expected.
Since there is more than one stakeholder group that is being taught this particular topic it is essential to evaluate that all stakeholders have received the same and the accurate message. This can be done by setting a few goals that need to be met in terms of the patient’s health, by doing so it will be possible to ensure if the information that has been shared has been made use of and if that information has helped to better the situation of the patient. Also feedback can be gathered from the stakeholders to study if the topic has been taught well.
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