A Nurse-Patient Relationship and a Healing Environment


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A Nurse-Patient Relationship and a Healing Environment
What Evidence Supports/Refutes a Nurse-Patient Relationship Provides a Healing Environment for that Patient?
In Watson’s theory, the goal of the nurse-patient relationship is inner harmony; greater harmony generates self-healing and self-care. How can a relationship translate into healing as environment and what hinders the development? That research question is investigated in the following sample of research.
Literature Review
Nurses and patients tend to view healing and environment in different ways.
(2009) combined Watson’s theory of human care and Leininger’s culture care theory in a study designed to explore patient perceptions of crucial caring behaviors and...
The end:
.....fy the essence of Watson’s 10 carative factors. When nurses’ and patients’ perspectives collide, nurses must identify the cause. It is always essential that nurses use the patient-centered perspective so that nurses’ ideas of healing will never be imposed on the person.
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