A Microbrewery Start-up


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A Microbrewery Start-up
The brewing of beer is an art that dates back nearly 5,000 years (“Breweries”, 2010, p.2). It is a product that is nearly universally loved and surprisingly during the present recession that started in 2008, this industry has not dissuaded entrepreneurs from investing countless hours and upwards of half a million dollars to start up a new venture. The business is no without difficulties and regulatory troubled waters, but in terms of marketing and getting customers interested, it is products that if the quality is present, will generally sell itself. There are many legal considerations and a misstep in a number of areas can lead to either financial ruin or a term in prison, thus there is an urgent need for wise...
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.....that introduces an espresso craft beer would be complemented by a latte craft beer from another competitor. Thus the more individuality brought to the market by each different and equally unique product creates a market for another product with its own unique qualities.
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