A Look at the Life of Sidney Poitier


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The beginning:
A Look at the Life of Sidney Poitier
Sidney Poitier is a native of the Cat Islands, The Bahamas, but he was born in Miami Florida. Poitier grew up poor; his father was a dirt farmer and education was not a priority so Poitier had very little formal education in the Bahamas. At 15 years old Poitier was sent to Miami to live with his brother in order to break his cycle of delinquency. Once in Miami he felt what it was like to be in the black minority and he became determined to create opportunities for poor blacks in Miami (“Biography of Sidney Poitier”, 2010).
As a young adult Poitier had self-respect, character and commitment to self and he presented these qualities when he overcame his island accent and learned how to act for the theater....
The end:
.....regarding success. Failure just doesn’t seem to be an option. How do you maintain such confidence?
Sincerely yours,
Your name goes here.
Sidney Poitier: A man with a single face.
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Biography of Sidney Poitier1
Letter to Sidney Poitier4
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