A Look at the Human Potential Consultants Company


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A Look at the Human Potential Consultants Company
Building an ethical organization is almost as important as building profits within the modern business world. Therefore, it is essential that a proper business analyst be able to dissect the mission and inner workings of a company in order to make clear assertions regarding their ethical standpoint and how they can parlay that to help benefit everyone involved within the organizations and its business practices. The company I have chosen to review is Human Potential Consultants, a non profit organization that offers social service assistance ranging from pre-employment preparation, case management, workforce-centered projects, and staffing support services for governmental...
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.....ogram for individuals who have just come out of prison and has no place to live or cannot return by to their neighborhood where they have lived at in the past. It is place for the individual to find themselves and regroup their thoughts. The participant has an opportunity to become a law abiding citizen. Many of the participants have an opportunity to make amends with the family that they have hurt in the past. The participants are able to find new coping methods and use them while interacting in the community or with loved ones.
Mission Statement
Human Potential Consultants aims to open up employment opportunities while refining job skills within capable and ready individuals. Their official mission statement presents the corporate mission