A Look at Autism


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A Look at Autism
What Is Autism
The American Psychiatric Association has a classification for autism as a disorder centered in communication, social interaction and repetitive behavior problems. Although some members of the American Psychiatric Association describe autism as a pervasive development disorder it is officially classified as autism spectrum disorder. What causes autism is unknown. No recovery from autism is possible; there is only management of the disorder (“Autism,” 2009; “What Does Autism Mean?,” 2009).
What Are the Symptoms?
Autism can be diagnosed as early as 12 months of age and as late as entry into school. The symptoms drive the diagnosis of autism and the disability associated with autism varies by case. Some children...
The end:
.....e a structured life. There is no prevention or cure for autism. The best possible scenario is early detection and diagnosis. The quicker a child is diagnosed with autism the quicker treatment for behavior and academic assistance can begin (“Autism,” 2009; “What Does Autism Mean?,” 2009).
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