A Life of Her Own: 20th Century Changes of a Peasant Girl


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A Life of Her Own: 20th Century Changes of a Peasant Girl
Emilie Carles’ memoir, A Life of her Own, is the story of one woman’s life as a peasant but also the story of how history affects people on a personal level. The 1900s were a time for change: socially, technologically, economically and politically. Carles witnesses these drastic changes raised with the backdrop of the French Appalachian mountain range, within a rural community that she thought would always exist as it always had. Emilie Carles’ A Life of Her Own, shows the drastic changes in technology, history, the economy and society that occurred in the life of a peasant girl living in the 1900s. 
Emilie Carles was born at the turn of the century into a harsh, almost primitive...
The end:
.....also to improve upon others. Her personal story in inspiring, but the history behind it teaches the reader a valuable lesson: that, through elements like technology and wars, change is inevitable. Like Carles, one can try to facilitate positive change to pair with negative change, but the most important thing and individual can do is stand up for what he or she believes in. Emilie Carles’ captivating memoir, A Life of her Own, is one woman’s story and reflection on changes in technology, history and socio-political dynamic changed the life of the peasant for better and for worse, personally and communally. 
Carles, Emilie. A life of her own: a countrywoman in 
twentieth-century France. New York: Rutgers 
University Press, 1991.