A Letter from Matsuo Bashō to Kawai Sora


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The beginning:
A Letter From Matsuo Bashō to Kawai Sora
This is a hypothetical letter written by the great 17th century hokku (haiku) and haibun (haiku-based prose) literary master and Zen monk, Matsuo Bashō, to his friend and disciple of many years, Kawai Sora. The letter was written three years after the two had returned from their epic and dangerous journey to the Northern Interior of feudal Japan. At this time Bashō was nearing fifty years of age and he was already a frail old man who would die just two years later from the ravages of his Spartan journeys and his lifestyle. A brief introductory section presents the highlights of Bashō’s life and gives an overall flavor to his personality, psyche, and...
The end:
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