A Human Development Approach to Gender and Trade


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The beginning:
A Human Development Approach to Gender and Trade
A human development approach to gender and trade embodies the fundamental recognition that all human beings should be treated as an end, not a means to increasing trade volumes and economic growth. With this moral imperative in mind, the purpose of the following discussion is to discuss and evaluate a gender perspective to trade and global markets.
The Human Development Approach to Trade and Policy
What is a human development approach to trade policy? It begins with the recognition that “people are the real wealth of nations” (Making Global Trade Work for People 21). And human development should, therefore, be the focus of all trade policies. But this begs the question of what human...
The end:
.....oncerning how trade policies can be developed and instituted on a global level in order to promote economic justice for women. There are no definitive answers at this time, but a human development perspective certainly points policy makers in the proper moral direction of treating all people as an end, not a means.
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