A Growing Resistance to Evidence-based Practice


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A Growing Resistance to Evidence-based Practice
Evidence-based practice should be the standard type of practice among contemporary nurses. However, as I discovered both through the literature and my experience on a number of different units, there is a growing resistance to evidence-based practice. In addition, this resistance seems to be developing into a real movement with its own persuasive arguments. I therefore chose this issue in order to refute the idea that nurses can and should rely solely on theory for their practice. I also chose this issue because even though it is one of the most discussed issues among the RNAO many nurses continue to downplay the need for evidence. In addressing this issue I am acting as an advocate and am...
The end:
..... statistics and evidence related to the environment. The opponents of evidence-based practice argue that nursing is obsessed with evidence and is needlessly in search of evidence for every situation. On the other hand, advocates for evidence-based nursing hold that this form of practice must be implemented in all facilities and all nursing situations. Making use of evidence-based practice is the only way that present and future clients can be assured of quality of care. It therefore is an ethical obligation for nursing to make use of evidence-based nursing since the highest nursing value is client wellbeing. Furthermore, in order for nurses to maintain their commitment to excellence in care, they must make use of evidence in their practice.