A Glance at the Zebra Finch Song System


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A Glance at the Zebra Finch Song System
This paper explores the zebra finch song system; in particular, this paper explores the song system nuclei of both male and female finches with an eye towards seeing what discrepancies exist between the two. The paper does find that differences exist – but we need to explore a number of things in greater detail in order to better explicate what those differences are.
To get started, we must recognize and define the organizational actions of steroid hormones; we must, in effect, refer to the research provided for us by Nelson (2005). Chiefly, steroids do appear to shape how the brains of men and women are organized (at least in terms of what components are large and highly developed and...
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.....enaline uptake sites. Brain Research, 522, 308–314.
Zann, R. (1996). The zebra finch: A synthesis of field and laboratory studies. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.
Submitted: July 31, 2007 Revised: April 18, 2008 Accepted: April 30, 2008
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