A Framework for Pharmacological Management


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The beginning:
A Framework for Pharmacological Management
Personal Information
Client Initials: M.W. Diagnosis: Coronary artery disease Allergies/Sensitivities: Penicillin Age: 55 Weight: 190 lbs.
Pertinent Health History
M.W. was a Caucasian male client. He has been a smoker since his teens. At 20 years, M.W. had a bleeding ulcer which was treated. At around the same, he visited emergency for what he believed was a food particle lodged in his esophagus but doctors informed him he appeared to have an enlarged heart. They also informed him that he was likely to experience heart problems later in life. One year ago, he had severe pain over the sternum and was certain he was having a heart attack. The pain radiated into both arms but was worse in his left...
The end:
.....rtant health teaching is that you will need regular visits with your doctor so that he can see how you are responding to the drug (Mead, 2005). Lipitor will not work well unless you are careful about your diet, stop smoking, and get the exercise you need. You need a diet that is low in fats. Losing weight and having more exercise will help to reduce your level of cholesterol (Mead). Using Lipitor when you have daily exercise, a good diet, and stop smoking will keep you out of hospital and protect your life. You should never stop Lipitor without telling your doctor.
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