A Formal Analysis in Frank Wagner’s “Girls on Beach: Ocean City”


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A Formal Analysis in Frank Wagner's “Girls on Beach: Ocean City”
The first aspect of this painting by Frank Wagner was the lack of contrast that this sunlit beach scene provides for the viewer. In many ways, it is an expression of the bright and sunny days of those that attend the beach, especially that of Wagner’s
and nephews. While the background is slightly shaded to bring forth his family members to the forefront of the painting, it is evident that the real luminosity of values is being used to reveal a joyful day at the beach. While some of the children seem to get lost in the painting due to this lack of contrasting values. The piece appears to be an authentic representation of the brightness that Wagner encountered when his...
The end:
..... structure of the presentation of family during the 1920s and in the present tense is clearly exemplified in the way that Wagner and his descendants respect his legacy. In many ways, Wagner was without his own family (he never had children), so it is vital to show how his descendants love and admire their famous “Uncle Fred” in this collection of pieces reflecting his relationships and great love for family that he had for his nieces and nephews. Surely, the concept of “being American” is represented here in the collectivism of family, but more so, it is the universal connection between family that makes Wagner’s works important because he used his art to connect with and love a family that he never had of his own via marriage and children.