A Firsthand Account of a Revolutionary Discovery in “The Double Helix”


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A Firsthand Account of a Revolutionary Discovery in "The Double Helix"
In this paper I will review The Double Helix by James Watson. The book gives an autobiographical view of the process of the discovery of the structure of DNA, and is quite an exciting read.The paper will start with a brief summary of the text, and the theme of the book. Then I will proceed to critically evaluate the text and its theme as well as explore what the purpose of such a book is and how well does The Double Helix fulfill this purpose.
The discovery of the DNA structure was one of the most important events in science and science history, certainly in the last century. I will argue that although this personal account of the history of the discovery of the DNA...
The end:
.....to follow and straightforward.
In conclusion, Watsons The Double Helix is a personal account of a major event in the history of science, and as such is very unique. It is written in the form of a memoir. As such, the subjectivity of the text makes it somewhat inappropriate for the serious study of science or the history of science. However, it main purpose was to make science exciting and understandable, and to make the scientist more appealing to the average reader. In this the book succeed, the Double Helix for me was a page-turner. It also made me want to find out more about the history of this discovery.
1. Watson, James, D. The Double HelixA Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA New YorkTouchstone, 1968