A Family Interview


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A Family Interview
Family is one of the most important things within the lives of an infinite multitude of individuals. We are all born into specific families, whether we like it or not. Our family influences almost every move we make, from the youngest of children to the most complicated adult lives. The familial unit is universally different in its role within individual lives, yet is a necessary part of all of our lives. Family is responsible for caring for individual members when they are sick and the entire health of the familial unit. It is within this understanding that I dive into my interview with a chosen family to better understand the concept of family, both from an external viewpoint, as well as from my own changing...
The end:
.....e and plans to do the same with his son when he graduates high school next year. Both children will soon adopt the role of care taker of the family as the current head begins to age within the next few decades. This role, however, has been clearly defined from a young age so the children expect it.
Overall, the family chosen for the interview represents a strong familial unit, both within the nuclear and extended families. They support each other through thick and thin, despite what others may think of its members within their hours of darkness. It is an inspiring condition to live and grow up in, one which I hope to way day emulate if the day I ever have children comes.
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