A Discussion Post on “Can You be Too Tall?” and a Response to a Colleague’s Post


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A Discussion Post on “Can You be Too Tall?” and a Response to a Colleague’s Post
Post one
With regards to the current news article pertaining to whether or not one can be “too tall” (please see Alcock, 2010), I believe that this is a matter which fundamentally linked to the concept of utilitarianism (“Utilitarianism and consequentialism,” slide 9) insofar as giving young women – or anyone – hormone pills so as to reduce their capacity for vertical growth is something that simply does not promote happiness insofar as women who are tall appear to be perfectly happy with their imposing height (Alcock, 2010). Thus, it may be argued that the idea of parents paying for their children to receive such drugs is both fool-hardly and entirely...
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.....at make the use of estrogen treatments so appealing to parents in various cultures. In my estimation, there may be an element of undue control being exercised by parents who are troubled by their daughters growing too big – both physically, cognitively and psychologically. In any case, I thought the post was excellent because, at heart, there is no defensible reason why anyone would subject their child to hormonal treatments that, frankly, appear entirely inefficacious.
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