A Culturally Sensitive Cardiovascular Health Program


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The beginning:
A Culturally Sensitive Cardiovascular Health Program
The goal of this program is to provide a culturally sensitive cardiovascular health program geared towards Hispanic women who work in a university setting in south Texas as housekeeping staff. The goal was to educate low-income Hispanic women about the risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases and to help improve the behavior and environment of the women. The reason why this goal was significant was because many low-income Hispanic women face challenges in receiving healthcare because of cultural factors, language barriers, education, lack of insurance and access to care.
Attempt to Change Both Behavior and Environment
The planners attempted to change both behavior and...
The end:
..... future evaluation of the program. Future evaluation was appropriate because the interventions involved education and the impact of education is expected to be long term. Future evaluation of the program was incorporated into the program. These evaluations included a dichotomous questionnaire that was provided for those who participated in the cardiac evaluation four months after the final class and serial blood pressure measurements in a 17 months period (Zarate-Abbott et al., 2008).
Zarate-Abbott, P., Etnyre, .A, Gilliland, I., Mahon, .M, Allwein, D., Cook, J., et al. (2008). Workplace health promotion--strategies for low-income Hispanic immigrant women. American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Journal, 56(5), 217-22.