A Critique of Psychology Articles


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A Critique of Psychology Articles
Article 1:
The premise of this article revolves around the improvement in psychological testing that has evolved from basic testing to applied research models now being used in the modern era (Zimbardo, 2004, p.340). The one important facet of Zimbardo’s thesis on bringing psychology “to the public” is founded on the way that behaviorist methods of testing are not as subjective as they had been in the past. I agree with Zimbardo that the evolution of behavioral models for testing psychology are out of date, resulting in a need for an applied style of testing to help understand how psychology affects people and their behaviors. This makes testing far more interactive, even though strict scientific method is...
The end:
..... case scenario for the students. However, Case I provides a context in which animal testing is used to save the life of an animal (Herzog, 1990, p.93), which is different than those tests that destroy or maim an animal for research done to “benefit” human beings as the higher order animal. Finally, I wish that Herzog discussed the issue of consensual testing (human beings that agree to be tested on) that is ongoing between human to human testing ethics, which might help to obliterate animal testing as a means to test for the efficacy of drugs, procedures, or psychological reactions in scientific communities.
Herzog, H. A. (1990). Discussing animal rights and animal research in the classroom. Teaching of Psychology, 17(2), 90-94.