A Critique of a Qualitative Research Study


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The beginning:
A Critique of a Qualitative Research Study
The purpose of this paper is to critically upraise a qualitative research study. A study by
et al (2010) to describe and explore the symptom of pain in patients with COPD was used in this critique. The identified themes of incomprehensible and unbearable pain, locked in my body and shut out from the world and the vicious COPD circle have important nursing implications. The study was weak because of its small sample size and reduced generalizability from the sample selection from a tertiary referral center. The major strength of the study was the appropriate use of a qualitative design.
Title of Article: Qualitative Study of Pain of Patients with Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive...
The end:
.....e study and this could have affected the study because these three patients could have provided important information. The generalizability of the study was reduced because 5 of the participants were younger had fewer morbidities and had stopped smoking and were not representative of the study population. The study had several important strengths. The design of the study allowed the researchers to explore pain in their sample. The use of semi-structured interviews allowed them to obtain descriptions from their participants.
Lohne, V.,
, H.C.D., Anderson, M.,
, C.,
, J. and
, T. (2010). Qualitative study of pain of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Heart and Lung, 39(3), 226-234.