A Critical Look at Peter Brisco’s “Every Soul Needs a Savior”


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A Critical Look at Peter Brisco’s “Every Soul Needs a Savior”
In this paper we will discuss Peter Brisco’s sermon from December 24, 2009, “Every Soul Needs a Savior.” The sermon discusses the role of salvation and redemption. He begins the sermon by problematizing binaries and absolutes, particularly the use of terms of totality such as all and every. He asserts that these terms and the binary of good and bad are incorrect and misleading ways to view life and spirituality. He cites three biblical verses, makes two references to the nativity story in Matthew and discusses the crucifixion to provide a textual foundation for the sermon. He maintains that the element of salvation is a critical step between death, which is the penalty for...
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.....r more effective textual reference would have been the use of the three “lost” parables of the coin, shepherd and son. These texts focus on how all sinners are to be saved by God regardless of their sin. It was a bit unnecessary to go as far as to discuss Harod and Hitler to make his point known. Rather, the parables would have served as a richer scriptural choice and given a more vivid image of his point. Finally, although he referenced Christmas a few times, this could have had a much stronger presence in the sermon. Discussing the nativity and linking it much earlier in the sermon to John 3:16 would have been far more of a compelling representation of salvation and God’s eternal and unwavering love for all of mankind who are all sinners.