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A Critical Analysis in McLuhan's “The Changing Face of Literacy”
The primary facts proposed by Eric McLuhan in this article relate to the changing 15% of books purchased are read. Less than 20% are read all the way through. Also, he mentions that the internet has become a haven for popular mass media sources of literature that defray a true comprehensive way in which to interpret reading and writing. In this way, he presents his primary argument that with the decreasing attention span of person’s reading in the 21st century, there will be a ‘dumbing down” of society due to an overreliance on graphics and computer generated systems in the acquisition of knowledge.
McLuhan has a bias towards electronic media because of popular implications...
The end:
.....tructive purposes are a viable factor for literacy in the 21st century. In this regard, the premise that people are unwilling to read through a book or to read through a treatise is unfounded—attention spans vary over a wide range of purposes and intentions. McLuhan fails to recognize that students (of the younger variety) spend a good deal of time on computers studying and reading, just as professionals in then working classes do in their daily reading. McLuhan empirically evaluate and study reading habits with greater depth to properly understand how reading is accomplished in the 21st century.
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