A Critical Analysis in Derek Bok’s “Athletics”


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A Critical Analysis in Derek Bok’s “Athletics”
What follows below is a critical review of Derek Bok’s short essay, “Athletics.” Overall, the Bok essay is an excellent one that really stands out because of the detailed manner in which it traces the historical roots of the American penchant to commercialize college athletics (which often means turning mediocre to downright inept “students” into campus heroes) and the equally intriguing focus upon turning college coaches and athletics boosters into people deserving of more money each year than senior administrators or people with considerably more talent and expertise. Bok is very adept at noting the skewed values and he is equally good at highlighting the failed arguments raised to justify...
The end:
.....n of a real issue in American society. Why, for example, when there are problems with young men falling behind academically, is so much money devoted to a few athletes (a small portion of the student body at any school) when tutoring or academic services for others who are in genuine need are largely ignored or under-publicized? Furthermore, why is it that a football coach or basketball coach paid millions when medical researchers with advanced degrees in highly taxing fields paid a tiny fraction that – even though their work has far more enduring social value? As the United States faces down its various challenges, questions like these should be answered.
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