A Cost Benefit and Budget Analysis for Nursing Management


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A Cost Benefit and Budget Analysis for Nursing Management
Part of the nursing management responsibilities is to become a good manager and to utilize budgeting tools to make good financial decisions for both you and your staff. A number of technologies has made this possible. This paper will analyze a case study of budget management for a patient population and nursing staff consisting of 25 RN’s, 20 LPN’s 25 UAP’s, making the staff total 70. The patient population will be explored and as well as a needs assessment to be used for meetings with the CFO, which will be budgeted for 12 calendar months (one year). Two scholarly sources will be cited, and the importance of a technologically-savvy nursing unit staff will be addressed....
The end:
.....are. I would address the long-term benefits of the technology to the CFO, and let them know that the goal goes well beyond making my nursing staff more efficient (Courtney, Demeris and Alexander, 2005, 322), but creates an all-around better environment for both staff and patients. 
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Finkler, S.A., Kovner, C.T., & Jones, C.B. (2007). Financial management for nurse managers and executives. New York: Elsevier Health Sciences.