A Comprehensive Evaluation of Non-Traditional Approaches to Crime Prevention


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A Comprehensive Evaluation of Non-Traditional Approaches to Crime Prevention 
In a report by the Orlando Business Journal, “Retail theft nationwide rose from $33.5 billion in 2009 to $37.1 billion in 2010, according to preliminary results of the National Retail Security Survey” (Orlando Business Journal, 2011). Of these figures, $16.2 billion was because of employee theft, (i.e., 43% of the total figure) (Orlando Business Journal, 2011). This was followed by shoplifting which totaled $12.1 billion (i.e., 33% of the total). (Orlando Business Journal, 2011).  These categories and figure are indicative of the usual findings of the National Retail Security Surey. The loss or shrinkage in retail sales is usually listed in the following...
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.....d Improving Quality of Life in New York City (NCJ-216921). Resource Material Series, No. 68, 100-106.
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