A Complete Nightmare in Mike Judge’s “Office Space”


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The beginning:
A Complete Nightmare in Mike Judge's "Office Space"
A 1999 American comedy film written and directed by Mike Judge, Office Space depicts modern office life in America to be a complete nightmare. The film portrays a group of
software engineers who suffer from everyday workplace absurdities and management harassment. Reduced to staring at their desk and fulfilling mindless tasks while constantly reprimanded by the boss, every one of these workers loathes his job and dreams of an escape. The bleak and mundane work environment echoes the reality of a typical modern workplace with its identical and unglamorous cubicle farms. A sly and thought-provoking film, Office Space has become a cult classic for its clever depiction of the failures...
The end:
.....e may wonder, nonetheless, if s/he would not simply find the same frustrations in a new office. It may prove to be beneficial to follow Peter’s original course of action, i.e. a bold and insubordinate attitude that forced his colleagues and, more specifically, his boss to accept and to adapt to his demands. A series of fortunate circumstances saved Peter from termination. In reality, however, most employees would pay with their jobs for blatant or perhaps even discreet defiance. Unless employees organize and mobilize themselves as an entire body, every rebellious individual is faced with the difficult choice between personal satisfaction and job security.
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