A Comparison Report of Shanghai and Hong Kong


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A Comparison Report of Shanghai and Hong Kong
In China, the demographics of Shanghai and Hong Kong provide very similar trends in the migratory Mainlanders that move to the city for greater business opportunity. In 2008, the population of 19 million in Shanghai reveals the massive increase in the city’s growth since 2005 (Fenby, 2009, p.45) in relation to Hong Kong’s smaller population of 7 million. However, the differential in population size is similar in that the geographic size of these populations is extremely dense per the area of city. This is one way to compare the fluctuating influx of businesspeople coming into Shanghai, which is becoming a serious competitor to Hong Kong as a center of commerce. These are important ways in which...
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.....h maintaining control over water and air pollution. In these ways, the materialism of commerce makes Shanghai and Hong Kong similar in their important role as global trade cities in China, but more so, as points for international trade that supply a strong foundation for China’s economy going into the future.
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