A Comparison of News Sources: CNN versus Al-Jazeera


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A Comparison of News Sources: CNN versus Al-Jazeera
A review of two articles covering the same subject matter on both CNN and Al-Jazeera’s English language website reveals some stark contrasts as well as important similarities between the two news outlets. Located in different cultures and each broadcast to a diverse yet different audience than each other, readers and viewers should be cognizant of inherent biases and perspectives when reading these, and indeed, any news sources. While there are differences rooted in cultural and ideological discrepancies, there are a number of interesting similarities, as well. Ultimately, this exercise reveals the critical eye needed for analyzing and digesting news from various sources. It is of the...
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.....cant biases, which may be unapparent to those living in the dominant culture in mainstream North America. Reporting that provides a skewed perspective may ultimately serve to reinforce cultural stereotypes and create barriers to understanding between cultures. CNN should serve to employ a more even-handed and unbiased approach that calls upon diverse sources, like the AFP piece on Al
AFP. Hacker brings down Israeli websites. 17 January 2012. 17 January 2012 <http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2012/01/ 20121171536991286.html>.
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