A Comparison of Culture in the Three Early British Colonies in America


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A Comparison of Culture in the Three Early British Colonies in America
The early British colonies in America, prior to the American Revolution in 1776, broadly consisted of colonies in New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the Southern colonies. Each of these colonies had not only geographic distinctions that distinguished each colony from the others; but also cultural, religious, economic and lifestyle factors that made each colony unique. This paper will analyze cultural characteristics of one representative colony in each of the three early colonies and examine both their differences and similarities in each of the chosen variables. The cultural characteristics that will be analyzed are religious and ethnic differences in each...
The end:
The vast differences in the colonization of America can be seen by the differences in settlement patterns, religion, politics and social orders of the regions. In this perspective, it is easier to establish a timeline of events that led to the modern face of America, based on its colonial history.
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