A Comparison of College Education in China and the U.S.


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The beginning:
English 1 #1846
Compare/Contrast Essay
A Comparison of College Education in China and the U.S.
The doors of college remain an enticing gateway for youth which can lead to the rewards of education, careers, and wealth.  After I arrived in the U.S., the college educational system gave me quite a shock.  There were stark differences between the system here and the system I had come from in China.  My overall opinion is that both systems could be merged to form a more perfected system.
The Chinese educational system enhances the collective consciousness and sense of solidarity.  This approach could really do wonders here in the U.S.  At the same time, the Chinese college system does not emphasize individualism at all.     
The end:
..... learned from China and apply it here in the U.S.  My approach could possibly be an example of how both systems can be combined according their relative strengths to create a college educational system which is greater than the sum of its parts.  I will certainly try to conduct myself as a student with this ideal in mind as I feel it will be a respectful reflection on the educational systems and the cultures of both of these great countries.  In a world which becoming increasingly globalized, I can think of no more fitting way to express myself as an international student with my whole life in front of me.  I 
could not be more grateful to have the opportunity to receive a
college education as a product of both of these educational systems.