A Comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism on Two Characteristics


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A Comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism on Two Characteristics
Introduction and Overview
Buddhism and Hinduism have several common elements, but also several key aspects to each religion that are very different from each other. Both religions have a long rich tradition in the East and some even believe that Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion due to its lack of rituals, priests and in one tradition, not even a concept of God (Van Voorst 67), whereas Hinduism is, arguably, more clearly a religion, but also has philosophical components (Fisher 100).
It is difficult to speak of both religion as a whole, even in comparing two characteristics because there are differences in Buddhism due to the fact that there are three main...
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.....also why reincarnation and enlightenment are tied together for both religions.
It is clear that there are both similarities and differences between Buddhism and Hinduism on the characteristics of the concept of death and the idea of enlightenment and what a person needs to believe and/or practice in order to achieve a higher state of enlightenment according to the religious tradition. It is these kind of differences that makes each religion unique in its own way, as well as providing a basis for comparison on important matters in each religion.
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