A Comparison of Buddhism and Christianity


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A Comparison of Buddhism and Christianity
Buddhism and Christianity have several common elements, but more variables that are very different from each other. There are variances in Buddhism because there are three main traditions: Tibetan, Theravada and Mahayana (Religion Facts, 2009). This is similar to Christianity in that there are several varieties, including Catholic, Protestant, and many others. This paper will examine both religions as a whole, and discuss key similarities and key differences between them. Similarities in each religion include a similar vision of the concept of an afterlife after a person dies and a similar ethical code of conduct. Differences between Buddhism and Christianity are numerous, but key...
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.....nces between Buddhism and Christianity that makes each religion unique in its own way, as well as providing a basis for comparison on important matters in all religions. Through this type of analysis, we can achieve better understanding on how each religion perceives human nature, the goals of man, and the concepts of life after death, which many scholars believe is the reason man created religious and spiritual practices in the first place (Religion Facts, 2009), to have a better understanding and perspective about life and death.
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