A Comparison and Contrast of Three Viewpoints


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The beginning:
A Comparison and Contrast of Three Viewpoints
The objective of the following essay is to compare and contrast three different passages: Deborah Cameron on moral panic; Mary-Ellen Smith and the politics of population; and excerpts from Mary-Ellen
“British Columbia First Nations and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19. By comparing and contrasting three distinct viewpoints with a similar theme, I am hoping that the result would be to reveal novel perspectives and the discovery and understanding of new ideas.
In her passage, Deborah Cameron proposed different explanations for the concept of moral panic. Importantly, she defines moral panic as something can occurs “...when some social phenomenon or problem is suddenly
in public...
The end:
.....ch, while the issue of the Chinese community was greatly exaggerated with negative stereotypes of opium smoking and sexually deviant Chinese men, the issue of mass influenza-caused deaths on the First Nations community was significantly underrepresented and was treated as almost a non-issue by the greater mainstream population in British Columbia.
In conclusion, Deborah Cameron’s passage on moral panic offered new perspectives on the passages of and on Mary-Ellen Smith and Mary-Ellen
. Cameron’s perspective associated Smith’s and
passages in that one was an example of moral panic and the other was an example of when there should have been moral panic. This insight may not have been noticeable without the contribution of Cameron.