A Comparative Analysis of Conditions in Ancient and Modern Greece


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A Comparative Analysis of Conditions in Ancient and Modern Greece
In comparing findings regarding women in science in ancient Greece against the conditions of recent years, it is evident that conditions have improved significantly, for most women in the modern world had full access to primary education when they were young and many of them have gone on to earn college degrees and pursue careers in professional fields such as math, science, and engineering. As gender equality became increasingly recognized and accepted in the 19th and 20th centuries, the number of women in science steadily increased in Greece and throughout much of the developed world, but much more progress needs to be made before women achieve full equality....
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.....lchemists of the day), and of the fatal consequences that accompanied such condemnation. Martine de Bertereau du Chatlet, a prominent mineralogist in France, was one of those accused of witchcraft and was executed in 1642.
Within fifty years of her death, the paranoia of witchcraft had largely subsided, and the horrific persecution of women tapered off. Yet the barriers for a woman in sciences were still formidable. It was still widely held that the best education for a woman was none at all. Nevertheless, after the remarkable drop in the seventeenth century, the number of women scientists increased again in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, working to assert their equality in the sciences just as their sisters of antiquity had done.